It’s time for a Comeback

A highly productive day on the hillside on 2/5/17

  • We weeded the lower portion of JS West
  • We got weed barrier around the raised beds
  • We trenched and unclogged culverts on either sides of the stairs
  • Prepped our raised beds for cultivation
  • We also found 7 Salamanders and 3 snails
  • 2017-02-05-10-01-402017-02-05-10-01-49-hdr2017-02-05-10-01-522017-02-05-10-20-222017-02-05-11-40-482017-02-05-11-40-572017-02-05-11-41-022017-02-05-11-41-052017-02-05-11-13-45

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Weed abatement strategy

On Friday Jan.27 members of the Jungle Stairs Research Team met at the top of the eastern staircase to cover a patch of oxalis-infested ground with thick sheets of cardboard. The team secured the cardboard with bird netting and landscape staples. It may look funny, but if it works, Jungle Stairs will have a new weapon in its fight against weeds.


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Rainy day hillside work

The rain didn’t stop these neighbors age from 2 to 80! A morning of clearing oxalis and planting some aloes and agave.

2017-01-07-10-58-312017-01-07-12-07-47-hdr2017-01-07-12-07-112017-01-07-11-20-07 2017-01-07-09-30-39 2017-01-07-09-48-50

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by | January 22, 2017 · 3:41 am

Ramping Up For Phase 3


Today we met with SF Parks Alliance and DPW to discuss our application for two new grants to irrigate and landscape the Eastern slope between Collingwood and Diamond. More to come soon.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.05.26 AM

Here is a preliminary rendering to begin the conversation.


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JungleStairs Documentary

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Community Meeting: 6/8/15

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.43.10 AM

Landscaping & Planting

Planting the remaining portion of the western hillside with native species: We discussed several options and will look to see what native species are available to purchase with our remaining money to finish landscaping the last of the jungle. We discussed low lying grasses as well as higher but thinner shrubs that would frame the entrance and make it feel like a bit more like a “jungle.”

• Suggested plants to look at: Festuga Californica, Armeria, San Bruno Aster, Arbus Bleferoserous (Rock Cress), Colombine Serpentine, Sticky Monkey Flower, Wood Strawberry, Red Fescue Grass. Trees: CA Buckeye, Oak

Raised Bed gardens:

• We hashed out a plan to finish the raised beds with irrigation and will be visiting the Urban Farm store to get the remaining parts. The plan is to plant vegetables for Summer season.

• We discussed how the area should be organized and managed so it is a fair allocation of the space for growing vegetables. We discussed allowing for a rotational program and also plan to look into organizations who help manage community gardens.

• Volunteer team for raised beds currently includes: Juliette, Iris, Jean, Marie & Ken

Upcoming Work Days:

• Terracing and finishing raised bed area and parking area with existing redwood planks.

• Irrigation and planting raised beds

• Moving excess soil amendment from the parking lot to the eastern slope

• Planting trees and shrubs along the railings and sidewalk to finish landscaping the bottom most portion of the western slope

Eastern Hillside:

• We still need to secure funding for planting. We did not receive the grant we applied for through SF Parks Alliance last month and will continue to seek funding for planting this area.

• We will continue to follow up with SFPUC about a second Water Meter Grant for irrigation. We discussed other options for watering this area.

• We discussed seed spraying grasses and other options for landscaping this area. We don’t want to move forward with clearing the dead, topped and invasive species on this plot until we’ve secured funding to replant.

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Earth Day

Today was a big day we began clearing and prepping the eastern slope. We also terraced a good portion of the raised bed area on the western slope to make planting and harvesting easier.

We had some amazing help from the Guidebook team who welded pick axes , shovels and even Gandolf’s stick to help us transform the hillside. It was a blast collaborating and wonderful to get so much accomplished – thanks Guidebook team!

IMG_0968 IMG_0969 IMG_0970 IMG_0971 IMG_0973 IMG_0974 IMG_0975

IMG_8389 IMG_8394 IMG_8396

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