Planting Begins

See attached design schematics to familiarize yourselves with the plan for planting this December

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 4.36.28 PM

JS Layout West v4 copy Planting Sequence

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 4.36.17 PM



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Core-ten steel artwork

Thanks again to Brennan at Groundworks for his beautiful design creating signage for the stairs. artwork1artwork 2

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22nd Street Jungle Stairs t-shirt

Hot off the press – get them while they’re hot!


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Back in August PUC installed our water line on the east slope. Shortly after that Shedrick the plumber installed our back flow.

We’ve prepped both hillsides with efficient runs for irrigation. We worked with the Urban Farm store to map out a strategy to conserve water and ensure successful plantings.

We’ve finished laying the back bone for the irrigation using 3/4 inch tubing. On the east slope we 3 have separate lines, one for trees and one upper and one lower line for plants. On the north west slope we have four separate lines; one for trees, one for our raised beds and one upper and one lower line for plants. The south west slope has two lines, one for upper and one for lower plants.

We’ve spaced the 3/4 inch tubing out every 10 feet, running it just below the terracing beams. The plan is to connect 1/4 inch tubing from these lines that irrigate each individual plant. We hope this will be more efficient than our previous design which consisted of perforated 3/4 inch tubing spaced out every three feet, which basically watered the entire hillside and proved to help the oxalis flourish better than our plants.

Pierre even hand crafted a beautiful wooden spigot holder.

IMG_6342unnamedIMG_6341pierre homemade

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Over the last few months we’ve been hard at work preparing for our next round of planting. Most notably we’ve added significantly to the terracing of the hillside. Safety and the ability to walk around on both east and west slopes will be crucial to planting and maintenance. It will also prevent erosion.

We’ve terraced both slopes almost exclusively with found materials; old growth redwood from houses undergoing renovation and a depot down on Cesar Chavez in Potrero. We’ve secured them all into the ground with large three foot stakes. 2017-07-20 14.31.38 copy2017-07-18 11.02.44 HDR copyJS terracingIMG_0321



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Landscape Design community presentation

Jungle Stairs had a productive community meeting this week that featured Todd Gilens who presented his recommendations for planting the Eastern and Western Slopes. We reviewed and discussed lots of great options for landscaping the area and will begin narrowing our selection for various plants, trees and flowers. Please direct suggestions and feedback to Marc & Ken. Thank you to Todd for his comprehensive approach and thoughtful designs for the hillside. Thank you to Madeleine for creating beautiful booklets with pictures of plants to select. Thank you to Marc & Mari for hosting.

Check out the links below to review the landscape designs and list of flowers and plants.

Plant Portfolio Booklet JSW 2017 Plant Portfolio Booklet JSW 2017


The focus of the meeting was a presentation by Todd Gilens, landscape designer, who has been working with Ken, Madeleine, and Marc on creating a proposal for planting Jungle Stairs East and replanting JS West with grant funds from the Mayor’s Community Challenge Grant. Todd reviewed some of the challenges of the sites and their differences, andpresented his vision of a mix of native and non-native species that would create anumber of distinct areas of interest in our project. Consideration was given to plant size, flowering times and colors, foliage, and requirements for sun vs. shade, water, and soil quality issues.

Graphics of the proposed plant layout have been posted at the bulletin board at the top landing of JS West, and comments or questions should be directed to Todd through Madeleine or Ken.

Todd recommended that we anticipate planting in late autumn to maximize the survival rate of new plantings with next winter’s rainy season. In the coming months we will finalize the planting scheme, source the plants from local nurseries to be sure they will be available in the quantities we need, install irrigation on JS East once the water meter service is installed, and continue to weed and remove trash from the hillsides.

There was discussion about mulching and weed suppression. And matters of irrigation, including a leak that Ken and Madeleine will address together. Neighbors said that our current schedule of “workdays” on the first Sunday and third Tuesday of each month is working out well. Work is welcome on non- scheduled days also.

What aren’t welcome are dogs off-leash, and Marie will look into signage to discourage this.

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Raised beds 2.0

This season we’ve taken a different approach and have planted native plants instead of vegetables in our raised beds. A big thank you to Madeleine for donating several species and creating beautiful signs so the space can live up to its promise as a learning garden.2017-03-03 11.42.49-1

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