Reading Forest

Our multi-talented plant designer Todd Gilens has a wonderful exhibition that’s just opened near South Lake Tahoe. It was commissioned by the National Forest Foundation and will be on display through November at the Taylor Creek Visitor Center.

Here’s what Todd has to say about his project:

Reading Forest started in 2017 as a very open request to communicate forest changes in the Lake Tahoe basin. The resulting installation is forty circular drawings, like a grove of trees, digitized, printed on slip-resistant materials, and adhered to the pavement across a 10,000 square foot area and path network. The artwork was created in conversation with the Lake Tahoe West Restoration Partnership, a collaborative effort to restore the resilience of forests, watersheds, and communities on 59,000 acres of Lake Tahoe’s west shore. The installation was funded by a grant from the USDA Forest Service and is in place through November, 2021. Borrowing scientists’ method of reading tree rings to understand the past, my drawings hold phrases from science, anthropology, poetry, and other sources, as if trees have thought of them over many years’ time. But are the trees talking, or is it our human insights and preferences projected into them, like disturbances that heal over time? Part visual and part literary experience, visitors browse the drawings as they walk along the paths, making their own connections between natural and social processes. ”

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